Boutique Ships

50 – 250 passengers

On board a Boutique ship the experience offers a more personal and intimate service, often focused on the more finer side of food and wine, when you think of Boutique ships, imagine a scale of ships sizes and experiences as modes of land transport – A boutique ship would be the equivalent to a Private car – luxury, or mid range


The advantage of using one of these ships is that you can offer your clients the ultimate luxury travel experience – be it an individual incentive or full ship charter.


Prices are fully inclusive; not just including all meals, but drinks throughout the ship, wine with meals and often a complimentary in-suite mini bar with full bottles of spirits and wine Рwhich makes budgeting extremely easy Рand your clients are going to love the more bespoke level of service.


A great advantage of sailing on board one of these ships, you will have access to many ports that are inaccessible to larger ships. Making the cruise more enhancing.


What are the advantages of Boutique Ship cruising?

  • Single seating dining
  • A high level space ratio.
  • Amost 1:1 crew to guest ratio.
  • The highest levels of service.
  • Fully Inclusive.
  • The finest dining at sea.
  • Intimate ports of call.
  • A “Yacht like” experience.

Where they sail?

  • Mediterranean.
  • Caribbean.
  • Far East.
  • Australia.
  • The Baltic.