The Festive Season is fast approaching and it might be time to set your fitness goals for 2020. We are introducing our Cycle, Spa and Wellness holidays to the UAE. Start 2020 with a brand new you, learn to ride a bike and bring the skills home with you so you can start riding with confidence . Why cycling? Well it is low impact on your knees, you burn more calories, you get lots of fresh air and it has been proven to help mental health and stress related issues. Dubai and the UAE have some of the most luxurious Spas in the World, and there is an abundance of hotels to suit all budgets. We have dedicated Wellness Hotels, some of which are Alcohol and Sugar Free. We have a great team over there who can teach you how to ride, or if you are already a cyclist they can help you improve your skills and techniques.So get behind bars in 2020 and watch as your life changes as your health improves.

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