Ride Down Under

Looking for somewhere really exciting to ride? We are your Ride Down Under Specialists and Experts because we have done it. We have rides in most of the cities down there and can arrange them to suit you. The climate is great and year round, the roads are really good and Australia is an amazing place to ride.
Working with the team at Global Cycle Rides, we can arrange for bike hire in many of the cities Down Under. We have ridden in Perth and Sydney and both time have been fantastic. Just tell us where you would like to ride in Australia and we can do the rest for you. You can find the links to all of the rides here Global Cycle Rides
All you have to do is meet the Ride Leader in the Lobby area, take your kit and pedals and ride……it is that easy. If you are travelling on Business and want to Network with other riders, GCR offer that service too.


Sydney, NSW

Perth WA