£650,000 Cycling Holiday

Last year I was lucky enough to ride on 3 different Continents in 3 weeks. I rode in Australia, South Africa and the United States, all within a 3 week period. The £650,000.00 Cycling Holiday is based on what it would have cost if I wasn’t lucky enough to be a Flight Attendant on board a Private Jet. I have based the costings on my Business Class flight to Perth, Hotel Accommodation, then the flight on the jet to Europe and down to Cape Town, 5 nights at the One & Only Resort, which was amazing, and then flights to Florida staying at the Four Seasons resort we did refuel in The Azores, up to Chicago and then back to the UK.
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I absolutely love cycling, and have been a keen cyclist for many years. I have a  qualified Ride Leader Level 2 with British Cycling My passion for travel and cycling has given me a bank of knowledge that I can use to help find or create the perfect cycling holiday for you.

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